Tenant Handbook

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Moving Procedures

Please provide the following information to the Building Management Office three (3) weeks prior to the intended move date.

Move Date: For the benefit of all Tenants, major moves/deliveries can only be accommodated on evenings and weekends. Please specify the date and time desired as soon as possible to avoid conflicts with the reservations of the Loading Dock and Service Elevators Again, all moves must occur on weekends or before 8:00 a.m. or after 5:00 p.m. on weekdays.


Movers: Please submit the name of the moving company, telephone number and name and number of the onsite moving supervisor. It is recommended that the moving company supervisor visit the building to become familiar with the elevator locations, clearances and conditions before the move is scheduled. In addition, the moving company must submit a certificate of insurance prior to the move and must comply with all moving rules and regulations. Please have the movers use plywood or Masonite to cover the carpets, elevators, and wall covering to prevent any unnecessary damage. The moving contractor will be responsible for any damage to the building incurred during the move. Movers must report any electrical problems or equipment breakdowns that occur. At the conclusion of any move, the moving company is responsible for removing all trash, packing cartons, and moving boxes. The building trash containers are not to be used for moving debris.


Service Elevators: The building has two separate freight elevators accessible through the loading dock. The elevators and the service entrance to the building are the only means to be used for moving boxes, furniture or equipment. Passenger elevators and lobby entrances may not be used during a move. All vehicles used for loading and unloading must use the loading dock. Damage caused to any elevator or to the building during a move will be charged to the tenant. All materials, pallets, etc., to be hoisted in service elevators must be containerized and broken down or sized to fit the cabs and will be limited in weight and size to the capacity of the elevators as follows:


Freight Elevator #1 - 3500 lbs.
(5’10”W x 5’3” x 10”H)


Freight Elevator #2 - 4000 lbs.
(4’11”W x 7’73/4” x 10”H)


Directory Listing: Please specify in writing exactly how the company name should be listed.


Suite Sign: Please specify in writing exactly what should appear on the suite sign.


Tenant Contact Information Form: Each tenant at move-in is asked to complete a Tenant Contact Information Form <link to form>. This form is a list of contact names and home phone numbers to be used for day-to-day operations, for emergencies, for fire/safety wardens, rent and lease inquires, and to list the disabled employees. These names and phone numbers are kept in a confidential file. This information should be updated any time changes occur in personnel or the disabled employee list.


Parking: Will your company be utilizing all the spaces provided for in the Lease? Please turn in the parking applications as soon as possible, so that parking cards may be programmed.


Access Cards: Please provide a list of all employees who will need access to the building after hours.


Mail Delivery: Notify the United States Postal Service and all clients of the new mailing address before the actual move-in date. A mail box will be assigned and keys distributed by Building Management.


Insurance: It is necessary that any company or persons performing work for any tenant are fully insured with proper additional insured as outlined in the Lease Agreement. Please forward copies of the certificates of insurance, before any work is performed, to the Building Management Office.


Building Regulations: The Lease contains the building rules and regulations. If you have a question, please contact the Building Management Office.




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